Faith + Action = Magic

Consider the words closely "energy follows thoughts". Simply said, what we keep thinking about is where all the universal energies flow to and that is what we manifest at any given moment.

The number that we do is to pretend that this is all some mumbo jumbo and there has to be something more complicated because it can’t really be as simple as a  mere thought. Well, in that case take 5 minutes to think of what your predominant thoughts have been lately. What does your Puck keeps on telling you.

You are like the piece of a jigsaw puzzle and without your fitting into the scheme of things, the puzzle will not be complete. So to reiterate the point – You are UNIQUE.

There will be no one like you, EVER. You are the most powerful creation of the universe. You are here for a purpose and it’s really important to know the “purpose”.

The awareness of your worthiness is enough to be aligned with the purpose. You may seem to be always thinking of finding your purpose and with time you may even get frustrated with no answers coming. Instead of finding the exact purpose, it is important to be aware that you are the creator of your reality and you can harness happiness, growth, joy, merriment for yourself and for the entire mankind.

The joy that wells up within you is as good as finding the purpose. When you seek happiness for others you would find the joy within your own life. However, we are conditioned to believe that all the powers are with someone and we call it God, Higher Self et al and we need to plead to the higher self to give us the power whenever we are faced with an unpleasant situation. We feel powerless.

The Higher self does not want you to surrender all your powers and instead presents you with circumstances which will make you aware and make you remember that all the power that you ever needed and were waiting for to be handed down to you was always with you all the time.

So tweaking your thought is to realize that to seek your limitless potential you need to first believe that all the powers in the universe is within you. You need to re-member with your true strength. You have to place all the trust in yourself and the universe will support this thought and would gladly present to you situations where you can re-member with your potential.magic

The first step towards attracting abundance is to embrace everything in our life, to accept things as they are. All events and circumstances in our life (Good / Not So Pleasant) experiences present to us the opportunity to look within. They are those signposts or the milestones on the path. However, we usually tend to overlook. For us, the road ahead becomes important and we ignore the messages. I can say this because for years I ignored these messages.

Deep down, I was aware that I missing the mark because I was ignoring the messages. I blamed myself, my parents, relatives, friends, the environment for all the misgivings. Yet, the simplest step was just to embrace everything that was happening. The unpleasant experiences were guiding me to stop looking without and look within. Trust me, the most important step that you need to take, is to accept and embrace. Once that's done, you would feel the bitterness that was a part of your life completely dissolving.Abundance is not just about the material wealth. It is about the overflowing of joy, health, happiness, compassion. Seeing your child smiling is abundance, watching your parents having a blissful sleep is abundance. It is a state where you seek your optimum potential. You need to believe that you hold within the power to change everything.

Remember, you are that unique piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

Get Awesome.

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