Whose Problem Is It Anyway

Problems are nothing but the versions you create about an event in your head.Have you have wondered that the Puck (the critical inner voice) tells you what you cannot do or achieve and never tells you why?

My Puck for years instructed me for years what I need not do or eve2ndn remotely try and I was very obedient to follow the instructions and I never asked why I should not. No wonder, I had so many problems in my life.  Does it sound familiar to you?

We all tell stories to ourselves all the time. What then becomes important that what kind of stories we are developing inside our head? Is it about gloom and doom or something else?

Think Deep. Have you analysed what / who this Puck really is? Is it a real voice or an imaginary critic? Can you figure out why your Puck says why you shouldn't try? Is it trying to protect you and if it is protecting you, then from whom and what.

It is true that every behavior has a positive intention and your Puck is also behaving in a mischievous way to tell you that it has a positive intention, though it doesn't feel that way. So how do you control this critical inner voice before it sabotages your limitless potential?

Anthony Robbins talks a lot about how are actions are governed by only 2 factors – Pain or Pleasure and I say it is true if you give it some thought to it.

Your critical inner voice keep on telling you what shouldn't be done. The key is to control what’s feeding this critical inner voice.

For years, I had been stalling the idea of making sales call to prospective clients and could never figure out why. I had no reason to be afraid of since I was good in my telemarketing days and always consistently achieved my shift targets. But, when it came down to making calls for my own firm which I started, I found plenty reasons not to make calls and some of the reasons actually sounded stupid inside my head but I couldn’t argue with that inner voice which gave me nothing but lame excuses. May be it was cautioning me about failure or maybe it was guarding me from that not-so-good-feeling. I still have no idea but I do know that I had to Shut My Puck Up by doing exactly what it told me not to – start making those calls and I realized that though my stomach churned initially when I started making the calls but eventually my Puck stopped giving me instructions for not making those calls.

If you hear your Puck telling you things you shouldn’t try, take action. Action has therapeutic value.  The first thing you should do is to ask yourself that how what your Puck is telling you to do or not to do, is going to help you. Would you be able to handle long-term pain for avoiding short term pain of not listening to the Puck.

Plus, it gives you an opportunity to be aware of the intention of the inner voice. We would together learn / retrain our thoughts to become unstoppable.

Shut The Puck Up!!  Get Awesome Today!!

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