Stop Trying..Get Going

The awareness that your thoughts have the power to change your life and lives of others is aided when you introspect the way you view life, yourself and others around you. Most often we tend to blame others for our misgivings, for our failures and our disappointments. We must realize that - thought is energy and it travels in directions we want it to flow.

Often we experience not so pleasing events ( bad relationship, job, disappointments, failures) and tend to blame it all on the person / situations. However, it is a fact people / situations will appear in youur lives without exception as they aid and support our thought and we choose them to be the carriers of our thoughts. Their job is / was to bring to us the thoughts we sent out to the universe. So, without putting the blame on anyone or anything, turn inwards and find for yourself the thought pattern you had which brought out the events.  You are the writer to is always writing your life script and since you are responsible for creating the events the way you want, you need to stop blaming others for playing the part.

Your current state which you find yourself in, be it stressful or stress free is a clear reflection of the your past thoughts. One might argue that they did not wish harm to anyone or for themselves but almost always were at the receiving end.

Some may also argue about man’s free will and why deciding on a certain choice would make them suffer even if it was not intended to hurt anyone and was taken so that good things can come to their lives. Thoughts create realities. You must realize that even you may argue about your ill-fate and others proving to be your nemesis even when you wished no harm, the fact is that you carried their words and actions with you all the time. Although you did not notice but their words, actions overpowered your thoughts and you wanted to live your life to please them and turned away from who you really are: Limitless Potential.

You are the writer of your own life script. It’s only you who can make the required changes. You are responsible for the thoughts.

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