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Kritarth's Comprehensive Solutions to Prevent Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at Workplace

Why the Need to Setup a Prevention of Sexual Harassment Mechanism

Workplace Harassment particularly Sexual Oriented Harassment is a growing menace. It is hurting your business in many ways including your Organization’s Reputation, the Output, Employees Motivation & Morale, Productivity and Well-being of stakeholders.

Since Employers, Heads of Institutions and any Person responsible for Supervision, Control and Management of Workplace are now legally bound to Prevent, Prohibit and Redress Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace, it is compulsory to implement in Letter and Spirit the Act which is in force since 9th December 2013.

For Non-Compliance with “Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, a fine is levied on the Employer (the Occupier or the Manager named by the organization) and / or any person who supervises / manages and controls the workplace with a fine of upto INR 50000/- (which can be recovered from Salary payable) for the first offense; twice the amount for the 2nd offense and for continued violation the Business / Trade / Factory License shall be cancelled / not renewed. There is no exemption.

The Act defines “Aggrieved woman” as woman of any age or employment status, in organized or unorganized sectors, public or private and covers clients, customers even Domestic Help.

The Act applies to Organizations, Institutions, Establishment, Department, Office, Branch, Unit etc. in public and private sector, organized and unorganized, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Educational Institutions, Sports Institutes & Complex, Stadiums and any place visited by the Women Employee during the course of employment including the transportation.

The law requires inclusion of outsider 3rd Party NGO or a person well-versed with Sexual Harassment Issues.

How we can help You

                                                                            Training Courseware

Our training course-ware is in accordance with the Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act 2013 which is in force since 9th December 2013.

Our course-ware is designed to comply with specific distinctions on what must be included in training for Employees, Managers and the Internal Committee (IC) Members.

Our course includes valuable information to meet and exceed the guidelines of the Act, which includes:

  • The definition of sexual harassment under the Act
  • Description of sexual harassment, which utilizes relatable examples and scenarios
  • The redressal mechanism available to every employee

The course-ware is conceptualized and designed by Harsh Kumar Sharan, an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur and a Special Educator, as defined by the Act. He is specialist in Prevention,  Prohibition  and  Redressal  of  Sexual  Harassment  of  Woman  at Workplace  according  to  the  SHWW  Act  of  2013  and  practices  as  a  Professional Management  Consultant  and  Advisor  to  leading  Multinational  and  Progressive  Indian Companies / Corporates across India. 

Benefits to Organizations:

  • Improved Training Costs
  • Standardized process and consistent content                                             
  • Real-time access
  • Cover all employees including Contractors / Contingents, faster
  • Be compliant with the ACT on time

Employees Benefits

The learning's will help your Employees:

  • Become fully aware of the New Law; Accept the Law; Act as per Law
  • Your Workplace becomes Safe, Secure & Best Place to Work.
  • Your People start Doing Right Things Right First Time Every Time.
  • Employees connect with Values, Vision & Mission of their Organization.
  • Participants will learn to effectively deal with Reported or Unreported incidents of Harassment particularly sexual harassment
  • Participants create & sustain a Fear-free Workplace where employees work with Dignity and Honour;
  • Employees learn to inculcate Respect for Self (Morale) & Respect for Others (Spirit of Collaboration);

  The Learning Modules

  • Different comprehensive courseware / modules with detailed coverage plan
  • In accordance with the Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act 2013



 Key Features

  • All modules consists of audio / video tutorials, PowerPoint Presentations, Pop Quizzes, Case Studies, and Objective based Assessments for final certification,
  • Comprehensive Toolkit containing sample orders, notices etc. 
  • Clarifying Employers Duties under the said Law from Managerial Not Legalistic Viewpoint in Simple & Easy to understand Language.
  • Can be integrated with your Corporate Learning Management System (LMS) / Intranet.


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Our Clients in this Domain

Kritarth Consulting (P) Ltd and through our other entity, Transformatix Performance Solutions have assisted the companies across industry verticals and across the country in setting up the required POSH mechanisms including conducting the mandatory training programs for IC Members and Employees .  

Few of our recent POSH Clients includes:



Endorsements from participants who have attended our PoSH related programs (Awareness Sessions / Orientation Program / Capacity & Skill Building Workshops).

Of course, this is just a glimpse of the proficiency of the Special Educator and effectiveness of the sessions.

We have trained more than 5000+ employees from various organizations about the provisions of the Act which has helped our clients create a safer, sensitized workplace. (Download)


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