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Why the Need to Setup a Prevention of Sexual Harassment Mechanism

Workplace Harassment particularly Sexual Oriented Harassment is a growing menace. It is hurting your business in many ways including your Organization’s Reputation, the Output, Employees Motivation & Morale, Productivity and Well-being of stakeholders.

Since Employers, Heads of Institutions and any Person responsible for Supervision, Control and Management of Workplace are now legally bound to Prevent, Prohibit and Redress Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace, it is compulsory to implement in Letter and Spirit the Act which is in force since 9th December 2013.

For Non-Compliance with “Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, a fine is levied on the Employer (the Occupier or the Manager named by the organization) and / or any person who supervises / manages and controls the workplace with a fine of upto INR 50000/- (which can be recovered from Salary payable) for the first offense; twice the amount for the 2nd offense and for continued violation the Business / Trade / Factory License shall be cancelled / not renewed. There is no exemption.

The Act defines “Aggrieved woman” as woman of any age or employment status, in organized or unorganized sectors, public or private and covers clients, customers even Domestic Help.

The Act applies to Organizations, Institutions, Establishment, Department, Office, Branch, Unit etc. in public and private sector, organized and unorganized, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Educational Institutions, Sports Institutes & Complex, Stadiums and any place visited by the Women Employee during the course of employment including the transportation.

The law requires inclusion of outsider 3rd Party NGO or a person well-versed with Sexual Harassment Issues.

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