Regulatory Consulting

Full and Timely Compliance with Statutory Provisions is a specialized function requiring precise knowledge of the Laws applicable to Establishments engaged in Manufacturing Process.

Regular & astute Compliance also requires “fair”, “reasonable” and “proper” application of that precise knowledge of the various Laws and the “rules” made there under and “Gazetted” from time to time together with various operating Judicial Orders to the occurring events, situations or Reports / Prosecution initiated by the authorities so that adverse “orders” or “judgments” against the Establishment are prevented in time.

Your Benefits from outsourcing to Kritarth Consulting (P) Ltd.:

  • Full and Timely Compliance with all prescribed Statutory Provisions, in “words” and “spirit” enforceable by the  respective State and Central Government Departments / Officials.
  • Lapses will be nil in fulfilling Employer’s Obligations thereby ensuring peace of mind 
  • Origin of Reports, if any from Government Departments will be suitably  & promptly dealt with
  • Full and Timely Compliance by Team of Competent & Caring Professionals who are especially trained to carry out, in sufficient and precise details, all the Compliance-related matters with all the alertness, care, caution and completeness under direct supervision and daily  guidance of Senior Management Professionals who have seasoned in doing Compliance-related matters  for decades
  • Managers will be made free to focus on their Key Functions to achieve results and no more spend time or efforts on discharging the functions for which they are not trained.

Making a Difference is the Focus of our Service