What does your Puck tells you?

You might have read Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream where you had this character called Robin Goodfellow also known as Puck who is a clever, mischievous elf that personifies the wise knave.

So you may wonder what is the connection.

Puck is synonymous with the gradual ramblings of the mind, the always second guessing "mischievous" voice that tell you what can't be done.

The Puck stands for all that stands between you and your limitless potential. Most of us have spent years listening to this puck and responding to it's constant presence in our mind.  puck

It is time to rise above that voice and to gradually become aware that the puck is only just your conditional mind over-reacting to things around you.

Complete awareness is the starting point to access the limitless potential. The power to create and change lies within each on of us and is never outside. The inward journey once initiated is a beautiful experience, indescribable. Yet, when it comes to finding ourselves, most of us find ourselves at the cross road.

You would be liberated once you are able to grow bigger than that voice and the good news is that it can be controlled.

It’s time to invoke your limitless self and purge your unhelpful thought patterns, the conditioning and set yourself free to soar higher and find your own sky.

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