Training & Development – Employee Capability Building

Training is more than a nice-to-do activity.

Training is imparting Desired Skills-Set, Incubating Change in Beliefs & Behavior of Employed Persons resulting in achievement of Organization’s “Vision” and “Values” and ensuing Sustainable Growth, Profits and Prosperity for all the Stakeholders.

Training Intervention is all about transforming the “Attitudes” and the “Workplace Behavior” of your Employees - be they Senior Level Managers, Middle Level or Front Lime Managers or Supervisors or Workers or any others.

This aim is fully realized through our Programs, Workshops, Seminars and Conclaves. We cater to your requirements in building Right Attitudes, Right Skills and Right Competencies in your Organization.

We aid and advise Clients Companies on People’s Energy & Intelligence Management Strategy Formulation & Implementation; Organizational Change Planning, Human Capital Management and Development.

We strive to understand Organizations Business Objectives and Needs; Spot Misalignment / identify the Gaps especially those which can be bridged by Training & Transformation and thereafter Design, Deliver, Monitor & Correct Planned activities to get the desired results for the Company. 

Our aim is to deliver right solution at the right time with the right results. We are committed to offering high-caliber Training at a price / quality ratio.

Our Training Initiatives / Intervention Products Focus on:

Capability Improvement Programs which includes:



HR Management Programs include:


Employee Relations (ER) / Industrial Relations (IR) Programs

To build, develop and sustain effective ‘People Managers’ who are able to drive effective people practices, manage discipline effectively and foster a favorable ER environment at the Shop floor so that they are equipped to handle sensitive people issues within the prescribed legal framework. Empowering employees to contribute their best



Applied NLP Programs:






Onsite Training:

All the above mentioned courses can be run in-company anywhere in the world. On the basis of your mandate and expectations of training outcome we design and deliver the Training Contents through our Experienced Trainers Team.

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